Tuesday, 20 September 2005

The London Diaries: Six Things I liked most about my trip

Ok, last post on the London trip. I'm a bit busy now, so gotta put this in point form. :)

1) I got to see all the places and buildings I'd been DREAMING of seeing since I was a kid and poring over Childcraft encyclopedias. Places like Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London and the Tower Bridges were AWESOME.

2) It was great to finally be visiting a country where English is the main language. I just realised that most of the countries I've been to NEVER had English as their first language, so it was a relief to have people understand what I was talkign about when I ask them for a ticket to nowhere...

3) London is BLOODY EXPENSIVE, especially if your salary is in RINGGIT. GAH. Great sandwiches though. (then again, since I WAS on a budget there, all I ever ATE were sandwiches most of the time. esides all the room service in the hotel on my first two days of course).

5) GREAT weather for walking in. Except the time it rained. Drat. Another thing I noticed while walking around London was that there were sirens going off every 20 minutes or so. And that the tubes always had delays, which was why I rather walk than spend time waiting around in tube stations.

6) The British Museum is AWESOME. I spent half a day in there and I STILL wanna go back again...

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