Friday, 16 September 2005

The London Diaries: Three Things I didn't Know about Fruits

I've just finished breakfast in my hotel, and I discovered three things about the fruits here:

1) Grapefruits are actually very small pomelos!

I always wondered what grapefruit were like, so when I saw it on the room service breafast menu I couldn't resist ordering that. And they tasted just like POMELOS. Yes, the kind they sell by the road when you're on the North-South Highway, and in those rows of stalls near Ipoh.

Heck, they ARE pomelos, just very small ones. Potong stim betul.

Anyway, here's my bowl of fruit:

That said...

2) Raspberries are now my official favorite type of berries.

Yes, I like them more than strawberries.

which brings me to...

3) Cranberry juice tastes like Ribena.

Nuff' said.

Can you tell that I'm Malaysian? :)

Now to pack and go out into nice sunny London! Regular blog transmission (and more London adventures) will resume when I get home on Monday

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