Friday, 16 September 2005

The London Diaries: Two Sights Seen on a Busy Day...

I know it's morning in Malaysia now, but it's only midnight here. Just got back from the movie premiere I was covering and saw Michael Owen and Alan Shearer walking in together. Heh.

Anyway, although I'm still not in my 'official' sight-seeing days yet, and was relatively busy today, I still managed to see one or two landmarks of London that I've often heard of and always wanted to go and see, the Royal Albert Hall, and Trafalgar Square, where the Nelson's Column is... Here are the pictures:

Tomorrow and Saturday are my official sight-seeing days... Only two days and so much to see... Whee!

Oh, and I doubt I'll be updating the blog after this, at least until I get back to KL on Monday morning.... Until then, seeya!

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