Thursday, 1 September 2005

Running away from Post-Merdeka Biru-biru

FINALLY! The Kempen Belog Dalam BM is over, and It was fun! Thanks to all who participated in this silly 'mou lei tou' exercise of ours, even though BM may not be your most fluent of languages (Especilaly in Sharon's case! Great pantun, Sharon!).

What we thought would be just a bit of fun attracted more than fifty bloggers (though some Lepas Kapal-Terbang on us, for various reasons... hehe) and some even put up the old-scool, unique but damn bloody ugly banner Vincent created.

Now, if you still haven't had enough of Merdeka posts, you can head on over to the Merdeka Blogger Project and read the ones there.

As for EoE, I'm outta here.

Literally. I'm off to Singapore to see my larling! Yay! (Yay the 'see larling' part, not the 'going to Singapore' part, BTW)

So unless I can get hold of a computer there with Broadband (yes, I'm spoiled now), I'll see you on Monday! Then again, I most likely WILL be online again over there. So tune in tomorrow for my monthly complaining about how bored I get when I go to Singapore!

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