Friday, 23 September 2005

Some shameless promo and then some...

I've been really busy, and hence, have not been able to update the blog properly (also because I want to cut down on blogging in the office, like I've said before). Maybe for the next few days as well. Sigh... Oh well, there's always BUMI -TENGAH if you want somethign to read. I just added Chapter 2.3 today. Hehe.

Anyway, I'm also catching up on my sleep. My sleeping time has been out of whacked since I got back from London, and I really want to spend my weekend catching up on sleep and readjusting my sleep-clock.

Besides, my larling is in town, and I have better things to do than blog now... Hur hur hur.

Anyway, regular blogging transmission shall resume when I've caught up with my personal sandman and given him a right walloping for running too fast and leaving me behind.

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