Monday, 24 October 2005

The Case of the Headless Jack Skellington

I decapitated Jack Skellington today.

No. I didn't reach into my TV midway through the DVD and decapitate the character while he was singing. I'm talking about my 14" Jack Skellington action figure.

I snapped his neck off while trying to fix an angry-face head on. Now he's REALLY pissed at me, and all his 12 interchangable heads are stuck in their plastic tray with no neck to be fixed upon.

WAAAA! I want my Jack back! :-(

I'll post a picture of the decapitated Jack later. It looks really creepy.

(Update: 23:54pm)

I don't have a camera with me now, so the picture of the creepy Headless Jack will have to wait. But in case any one was wondering, this is what my Jack Skellington action figure looks like:

Now, imagine that Jack without a head:

Creepy eh? Trust me, the actual thing looks even creepier.

It happened when I came back to the office today. Jack had fallen down, and his head had fallen off onto the chair. (That alone was already pretty spooky) So I tried to attach the head back.

MANA TAU, I put too much pressure on the neck, and it just went POP! And the NECK SNAPPED!

WAAAAA!!!!! Now my Jack Skellington action-figure (which was BRILLIANT) is HEADLESS! WAAAA!!!!


:-( :-( :-(

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