Monday, 10 October 2005

Free Nano-Nano for Nano-ers!

Just got back from Singapore yesterday, where I watch Cirque Du Soleil's Quidam (which was AWESOME, BTW), and generally did nothing else except read and shop for LEGO. Yup, a good break that was.

Anyway, back to regular blog transmissions.

The National Novel Writing Month is about to kick of in November, and after failing to get past the 5000-word point (let alone the objective of 50000 words), I decided to give it another go this year. This time, I have a definite story I want to write.

Ok, so it was just a half-baked idea I cooked up while lazing in bed at eleven in the morning, but hey, it's a start. Plus it's the first idea for a story I've had that I think can actually go the distance since.... er... never! At least I have the beginnings of a 10000 word story (still not sure whether it can last 50000 words though).

Anyway, lots of bloggers and Malaysians are joining the fun (or insanity) of writing 50000 words in a month. Erna is doing it. Minishorts is doing it. Sharon is doing it. Even Sashi is doing it!

So go check out the Malaysian NaNo blog at to see who else is Nano-ing, or just go sign up yourself at!

Let's go Nano! The first ten to sign up after reading this post gets a pack of Nano-Nano sweets (SWEEEET, Sour and SALTY!!!) on me! :-)

Those who want iPod Nanos can go shopping with Kenny instead...

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