Wednesday, 5 October 2005

Happiness is a Warm Bun...

Happiness is a warm bun with some peanut butter and jelly in it.
Happiness is finishing your work before the boss chases you for it.
Happiness is a nice game of badminton.
Happiness is a nice bowl of tomyam soup after that game of badminton.
Happiness is a warm bath when you come home after getting stuck in the rain.
Happiness is finally finding that elusive Transformer you've been searching for for weeks.
Happiness is RIPPING apart the toy packaging and transforming it for the first time.
Happiness is watching Final Fantasy Advent Children and feeling nostalgic over the game.
Happiness is a book you want to re-read over and over again.
Happiness is a book that ends EXACTLY on the right note.
Happiness is driving along with your window open and you're singing at the top of your lungs
Happiness is when a cute chick tells you you look nice. :-)
Happiness is a friend you fight with and make-up all over again EVERY MONTH.
Happiness is the 2004/2005 Champion's League Final.
Happiness is a plate of sambal petai.
Happiness is a pot of Nicaraguan coffee, dark, and brewed just right.
Happiness is a mug of beer that costs less than Coca-Cola.
Happiness is getting lots of comments on your blog. ;-)
Happiness is a tub of LEGO.
Happiness is the thought of coming home to someone you love.
Happiness is her smile.


I'm adding more as I go along. Feel free to add yours as well. :)

(Update: 7-10-2005)
I'm in Singapore right now and may not have time to update the blog. So I'm leaving this post on top, and let you guys add to the list of what makes YOU happy. And feel free to do it on YOUR blog as well.

Regular blog transmission will resume on Monday!

Happiness is not having to work! Whee!

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