Friday, 14 October 2005

How to Force Yourself to Cut Your Hair: An Expert Guide

Ever been through a time when you were so fond of your hair (Long, Short, whatever) that you just didn't want to do anything to it? Well, this post is for you!

Here's a few quick steps on how to force yourself to cut your hair...
  1. Don't wash your hair for a LOOONG time, wait until got kutu, then shave it clean so the kutu got no place to hide
  2. Get some bubble gum stuck in various parts of your hair (preferably the part you'd want to cut later on)
  3. Let your baby sister or brother practise their hairstyling skills on you, and make sure they make it look so horrible that you'd rather shave bald than go out with that hair style.
  4. Accidentally botch a dye job so your hair becomes Neon Green instead of blonde.
  5. Keep it so long and so thick that it looks like a mullet, then wait for people to start mistaking you for George Michael (or Kenny G, if your hair is curly enough)
  6. Eat lots of ajinomoto so all your hair falls off in bits.
  7. Do a Peter Tan and pledge to shave your hair if people donate RM5000 to Hospice.
Now shoo. I want to go wash my mullet.

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