Sunday, 2 October 2005

Malaysian bloggers, where has the FUN gone?

Foreword: This started out as a post to poke fun at some happenings in the blogosphere, but it turned out less funny than I thought, so I screwed it for a lark and wrote a serious rant instead.

Visitor, reading this IS optional for you. :-)

When I first entered the chaotic world that is the Malaysian blogosphere one year and a half ago, I only knew four people who blogged, all of whom were colleagues of mine.

The blogosphere was something new that I wanted to explore then. It was interesting. There were lots of interesting characters that I wanted to read about, some that I thought were people I would like to meet in real life. (Some I did, some I have yet to)

In the search for more blogs to read, and more people to meet, I was introduced to PPS, where I found more interesting blogs to read. And it was fun, because blogging back one year back (funny how things change in a year, eh?) was still a nice niche that was stil relatively devoid of pretentiousness (save a few) and all the stressful shit I had to put up with in real life.

It gave me a place to lose myself in other people's lives, to share my own misguided thoughts and reviews with others, and make friends at the same time.

Nowadays, it doesn't seem so fun anymore. There are more bloggers flaming one another, more trolls, more bloggers attacking the so-called 'femes bloggers' for the sake of hating them, more inter-blog and intra-blog blogiticking going around, more people bitching about this blog and that blog to other bloggers, and people blogging for the sake of becoming femes, or to earn money.

To tell the truth, blog-surfing in the Malaysian blogosphere has become a bit of a bitch, if you ask me.

Now, I don't agree with many of the views there, and may not agree with a lot of the actions (whether within the blog or OUTSIDE the blog) of some of the bloggers, but heck, I certainly am not gonna be the one to tell them "This is not how you should blog" or "Your blog is not a BLOG" or "You are a bad blogger because you don't do this and this".

JEEEZEZ all you so called 'BLOG GURUS'. It's a BLOG. There IS no PROPER way to be a GOOD BLOGGER. There IS no such thing as a good or bad blogger, just bloggers whom are read and those whom are not. The FIRST 'Guru' who proves to me otherwise gets a Nescafe 3-in-1 on me.

Anyway, and I digress, these days I've cut down a lot on blog-surfing, and have been going back to the same old blogs over and over again, mostly because with these blogs, at least I know they are (mostly) original and fun. Some may tend to be a tad bitchy, and some a little more crass than others, and others may have lots of lame-ass jokes, but at least they started out fun and are still fun to read.

Personally, I prefer bloggers whose posts at least show that they gave a bit of thought to it. But then, givig it thought does not mean spending two-three hours writing and rewording it and over-editing it to the point where it's no longer spontaneous.

I see that over-editing shit all the time at work, so I'm sick of it. Which is why my bolg gt so mnay typoos. Of course, that's just me.

All I want out of blogging and blog-surfing is a little bit of fun. That's all I want out of a blog, whether it's my own or when reading other blogs - That it is FUN, FUN, FUN, and doesn't pretend to be anything else.

When it ceases to be fun, maybe it's time to stop eh?

PS: someone pointed out that I contradicted myself in saying that I don't tell people how to blog, but tell people instead that they should not over-edit. Well, kind proves that I DON'T edit my blog much eh? :)

PSS: The next one who tells me to go look for another blogosphere to trawl in has to give me a Nescafe 3-in-1 when I met them next. YES, there is a world of blogs out there, and YES, I can always screw it all and go trawl the blogosphere in Afghanistan instead, but ultimately, I prefer Malaysian blog universe because it's what I connect with the most, and can relate to the most.

PSSS: Damn I feel so self-righteous. Prick I am. So there!

PSSSS: I also just realised that for all my complaints about blogging being fun, this post has been ANYTHING but fun. Haha. Ok, back to blogging about books on Monday. :)

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