Wednesday, 5 October 2005

The Manga Sayonara

F***Stress is one gila Naruto nut. So gila, in fact, that she wrote THREE reviews on the FIRST episode alone HERE.

Yup. She watches Naruto a lot. I have no problem with that. But then hor, then she go and says that, "I am not a Naruto manga reader. Comicbooks are as dry as dryf**ks with no lubricant. They hurt."

OOOOKAAAAY. I don't know what she does with the manga books SHE'S had, but I have to say that they are hardly dry, and Manga CAN be rather er... stimulating as well, you know. Mentally, I mean.


I used to read a lot of manga. Heck, I used to BUY a lot of manga.

I bought stacks and stacks of the Chinese translated versions (I don't read Japanese, see, and the English & BM translations are CRAP) of Inuyasha, Slam Dunk, City Hunter, Dragonball, Dr. Slump, Kungfu Kid (Tie Quan Xiao Zi), and a lot more.

My favorites were Slam Dunk (about the red-haired basketball genius who doesn't know how to play basketball) and City Hunter (the pervy private eye/assassin with a constant erection. Don't ask). I read them over and over again countless times, and STILL laughed at the jokes. Heck, I had the whole SET of them.

Inuyasha is not bad either, though I preferred the same author's Ranma series. THAT was a hilarious manga.

The other day, I was watching the Inuyasha anime with my larling, and I realised that I actually already knew what happened. YEARS before the anime came out here. So I told her I knew what happened. And she told me to shut up because she didn't want to know what happens.


Nowadays,, I've stopped buying manga, mostly because I have no space on my shelves for them anymore (the ones I have are in cold storage), and I couldn't keep up with ALL the ones I wanted to read anymore. So I stopped, cold turkey.

It also coincided with the time I first read Dragonlance books, and got hooked to fantasy novels instead. So then, it was sayonara to manga, and hello to fantasy books instead.

I DO take out my Slam Dunk and Inuyasha comics out once in a while to read though. They're fun. They're cool. And there are so many things in the manga that can never be translated properly onto an anime.

Come to think of it, I DO love manga. Maybe I'll start buying some again. I've always wondered what happened to Inuyasha after the 25 volume.....

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