Tuesday, 25 October 2005

The Murderous Tirade of a War-Hater

I was in a pretty murderous mood this morning when I came into the office, mostly due to some really idiotic drivers on the road today.

So there I was, wanting to bite the head off the first action fig... er... person I saw. I actually sat in my car for a a full ten minutes just trying to curb my murderous tendencies (thank goodness I'd taken out the Spiderman action-figure I had hanging on my rear-view mirror, or it would have gone the Jack Skellington way).

Anyway, while that surge of rage eventually subsided after ONE VERY LONG Green Day song screamed in my office's basement car park, that murderous feeling threatened to surface again, this time because of a certain war going on currently.

There are some issues that I wouldn't touch with a 60-foot pole, and this was one of them. (Yes, I'm gonna lapse into another cryptic tirade again. I promise to keep it short this time though).

But I just can't keep my mouth shut sometimes, eh?

Anyway, I HATE war, any type of war. It's ugly and it's just plain STUPID.

I've always believed that there are times when one needs to back down in order to move forward. AND that any setback ALWAYS has a silver lining. What infuriates me at times is how some people just DO NOT SEE that silver lining.

In THIS particular war, one side admittedly made a mistake (and apologised for it). But the other side has not admitted to it's mistakes, resorting instead to more sniping and more justifications. Sigh.

Look, just BACK DOWN ALREADY. have happened, losses have been suffered on both sides (though one side arguably had a more tangible loss). So CUT YOUR LOSSES. If not, everyone is just gonna have an even LOWER opinion of you than we already have.

Now, I think I'll go tear the head off that Ken doll I see over there...

(UPDATE, 23:08pm)

I've said this before: The Middle of the Fence is a Happy Place. And that's where I'm gonna stay. this 'tirade' was not aimed at anyone in particular. I just think the whole affair is overblown, and just... plain... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

(UPDATE, 02:12am, 26-10-2005)

ENOUGH about the fucking war already. I'm SICK of the whole bloody thing. GEEEZEZ people, lighten up. Chill out. HAVE FUN. Isn't that why we started blogging ANYWAY? It wasn't for some cause, or money. We blogged because IT WAS FUN.


I'm gonna go back to blogging about books now, and I'm gonna refrain from even MENTIONING this whole screwed-up place we call the local blogosphere. (Singapore, Malaysia, WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?)

Now sod off and let me book-blog in peace.

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