Thursday, 27 October 2005

The Old Friends Tunnel-to-the-Past

Old friends are the best.

They turn up when you least expect it, and you're always damn happy to see the name appear on your phone (especially if it's a cute chick. Kembang gila when cute chicks remember you for so long).

Some ask you out for lunch ("OK! You belanja ar?",
Some call to ask you to join MLM ("Er... I not free that day lar. Very busy, no time to do 'business' with you"),
Some ask you go for beer ("HIC!"),
Some ask you for free concert tickets ("You think I ticket dispenser is it? What's in it for me?!?!?",
Some ask you to go for their wedding ("Bloody Hell. Kena saman again.")

Nothing beats getting a call from old friends, because it's so easy to talk to them. All you have to say is: "WAHLAU, WHY SO LONG NEVER HEAR FROM YOU?!?!?!", and then go on from there (Good for first five sentences of the conversation only).

Or if you're feeling sarcastic today: ""Wahlau, who died and made me the only number on your phone?". Or if you're grumpy and crabby and you know that friend is 'notorious' for only calling people up for favours or to join MLMs: ""What do you want NOW?" (Surefire way to cut short the conversation).

I love getting calls from old friends. It's like getting an instant link to the past, and meeting up with them is always fun because we'll be laughing about all the stupid things we did in the past, and we're all old enough to laugh at ourselves now. (No. Wait. Not ALL of us. Never mind).

Yup. Old friends are great. Not that new ones aren't great either. They're BOTH great.

Ah heck, ALL friends are great. Now where's my beer?

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