Tuesday, 4 October 2005

The Room with the Precariously-Perched Toys

Today, I made a big decision. I decided to let someone else other than myself clean my room.
My grandma's maid is staying with us for a while you see (while my grandma is off holidaying in Singapor), and she's been helping us clean the house while she's here.

Now, my house has generally very little to do, as it's only my parents and I staying there, and we usually do our own housework (yes, I mop the floor and do the dishes once in a while as well). So the maid has not much to do, and she's been asking for something to do.

So my mom asked me to let her into my room. OKAAAAY.

I don't usually let people into my room you see. Heck, not even my parents dare to go into my room.

You see, my room is a very hazardous area. Besides being perpetually cluttered with clothes on the floor, books thrown everywhere, an overflowing barbage bin and the lots of boxes everywhere, there are also quite a number of shelves full of... er... TOYS.

Yes, my room is full of toys. I collect toys. Hundreds of them. ACTION FIGURES to be precise (though there is the occasional Lego, Transformer and sword lying around as well). And all these toys are out of their packages, nicely displayed and posed in various action poses on my shelves and cupboards.

Problem is, some of these toys are so precariously and pain-stakenly posed and arrange that even the slightest bump might send the entire collection falling over each other. Which is why I NEVER allow anyone to enter my room, for fear of someone sending my precious Morgul Lord and Eowyn statues crashing down on the floor.

So to prevent that from ever happening, I clean my room myself most of the time (which is not very often. Those tiny action figures are a pain in the neck to dust. Heck, I mop my living room more than I mop the floor in my OWN room).

Now, back to today. I'm still a bit worried about letting the maid go into the room. She's gonna be changing the curtains, the bedsheets, mopping the floor, and I'm afraid her mop handle might hit my Darth Vader cookie jar, or the curtains may sweep my Minimates off their Lego bases, or she might decide to get over-zealous and start dusting off my action figures and NOT put them back where they were, thus resulting in me having to arrange them all over again.

Yes, I can be very anal about my toys. So sue me.

But anyway, I'm sure that she knows what she's doing. After all, I DID tell her to just stick to the basics, and not go NEAR the action figures (I'll dust them myself, thank you very much). And when I get home, I'll have a nice clean room to sleep in.

Now all I have left to do is to vacuum that 3 inch layer of dust under my bed....

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