Tuesday, 29 November 2005

Are you a hardcore football fan? Then Hantu Bola Wants You!

When I first started this blog, I thought it wouldn't last too long. Mana tau, it's been a year and a half, and I'm STILL plugging away here.

Not only that, I seem to have branched out to other blogs as well. I have two other blogs besides this one: Bumi-Tengah, my LOTR parody of Malaysian bloggers, and Eye on Sports, my sports blog (which has ALSO been around for a year already...)

Then, I've also guest-blogged for The Bloggers are Morons Blogathon effort, AND I also had two or three kepoh posts in the Malaysian NaNoWrimo blog recently. In addition to that, I'm also supposedly one of the contributers for the Malaysian Book Review Blog, but I haven't had much posted there... sowi. *sheepish*

ANYWAY, the point of all this is to tell y'all that I've started ANOTHER NEW blog, together with a bunch of other nutjo.... sorry, FANS who are more than a little crazy about football.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing.... The footy blog for hardcore footy fans... PETALING STREET HOOLIGANS aka. HANTU BOLA!

this is the blog where hardcore fans of football will gather-gather and tembak tembak all that we hate or love about the damn game. Cussing allowed. 'Referee Kayu' allowed. Insulting Man United allowed. ANYTHING goes in this footy blog. As long as it's about football lar.

So far, it's just me, Vincent (Man Utd), Tigerjoe (Chelsea) and maybe Mack and Sashi (both Liverpool, like me. We RAWK!). We're still looking for a few good hooligans more to join the fun though. The more the merrier actually.

We especialy need people who support teams OUTSIDE that of Liverpool, Man Utd or Chelsea (though you are free to apply anyway), to make it more balanced. Doesn't matter if you support EPL teams or Serie A or La Liga, or Perlis. If you like football and are willing to put your fanatism on show, contact us.

Anyone who wants to join in, drop me or Vincent an email (our emails are displayed on our blogs), and we'll test you to see if you're hardcore enough to be part of the Petaling Street Hooligans.


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