Thursday, 17 November 2005

The COMPLETE Girls of the Malaysian Blogosphere Special Edition 2006 Calender!

Update: We have a new Miss June!


A Not-Very-Important Disclaimer by Erna & Eyeris:

The following photoshopped pictures were taken from all over the Internet, all from the websites indicated in the picture. All the photoshopping was done by ERNA, and not eyeris, so if you wanna kill somebody, go kill her ok? :P

BTW, we're doing this as a glorious dedication to all you gorgeous camwhores out there, and not because we wanna earn Adsense money. After all, ya don't see any ADS on this blog, do ya? Do ya? Eh? Eh?

(besides, we're both so broke that you wouldn't get any money from suing us anyway...)


OK, good news, people, Erna has FINALLY finished the rest of the Calendar, AND in fact added DATES to the previous six featured HERE previously.

In case you're wondering why the ones for Miss January to June have been redone, it's because Fireangel said that kononnya Ms. February only did a good job with her own pic... so Erna decided to REDO the entire thing, and added the DATES as well at the same time...

ALSO, since the first six girls already had their calenders done, and we kinda liked those as well, we decided to leave them on THIS POST just so the six babes can 'feel spesel' and have TWO calenders dedicated to themselves (according to Erna, who incidently, is one of the six...).

So, without further ado, I present to you the new and improved, and COMPLETE...

(BTW, we saved the SEXIEST ones for last)


Girls of the Malaysian Blogosphere
Special Edition 2006 Calendar!

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