Tuesday, 15 November 2005

Eyeris' Girls of the Malaysian Blogosphere Special Edition Calender! (Part 1)

What better way to pimp your blog than to be included in an entire CALENDER full of the hottest blogger chicks in the Blogosphere?

I have to confess that this was NOT my idea, but rather, our very own Miss February - Erna, who came up with the idea when chatting with Fireangel on MSN, and spying the FHM calender on the wall, decided to pimp not just ONE hot chick, but TWELVE of them!

So, she chose six of the HOTTEST BLOGGERS we know, and Photoshopped their pictures into calenders. Yup, the Photoshopping was ALL ERNA, folks. I had nothing to do with it.

How did I come into the picture? How did this pseudo-book blog turn into a Men's Magazine-blog instead?

Well.... I helped Erna er... pick the pictures (please don't kill me, all of you!), and wrote part of her caption (the part about her not having any clothes on...). She also asked me to host it here so that MORE PEOPLE CAN SEE IT.

I'M not complaining, of course. Heh. After all, I also happen to think the girls featured here are actually HOTTER than DAWN YANG (there, that should get my hits up some more. hehe). MALAYSIA BOLEH! WOOT WOOT!

Anyway, enough small talk, and on to the pictures!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... PART ONE of the... jeng jeng jeng...




(All images photoshopped by Erna)

Do you wanna see part two? That depends on how many of you go over to Erna's 'website' HERE RIGHT NOW and BEG her to do the remaining six months!

Oh, and feel free to take the images... but just remember to state who MADE them, and WHERE you got them, ok? :-) And one more thing, Erna made the headers, so go add your own calender dates, you lazy buggers.

Now scoot and let me drool in peace.

PS: BTW, in case you start saying that Erna is 'perasan' for adding herself into the calender, let me just clarify that it was FA who INSISTED Erna put herself in it as well... But hey, you gotta admit she DOES deserve to be in the calender, eh?


UPDATE (3:24pm)

To commemorate this post being the first time I've been plugged by BlogsMalaysia (that's the Malaysian version of Singapore's 'Tomorrow', BTW), and to help spread the word about it, I've made my very own 'This post was BlogMalaysia-ed' button here:

Yes yes, I know its ugly. It's the best I could do with my limited resources here...

Anyway, go check out BlogsMalaysia, it's got lots of other interesting posts!

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