Monday, 7 November 2005

The Genius of Coffee + Beer

Am back from Singapore. Opened my email, and what do I see? An email from Amelia, with the subject title: COFFEE BEER. (Link: New Scientist: Coffee Beer)



What magic is this? What devilry is this? What GENIUS is this!?!?!

So many questions... What does it taste like? If it's coffee + beer, and it wakes you up AND intoxicate you at the same time, does it give you a headache instead? Does it wake you up like coffee or intoxicate you like beer? Or does it And if I drink too much of it, as in the amount of coffee I take everyday, would I would get drunk?


I need some of that NOW. Ok, maybe not now. I just got home, and I need to sleep, and a mug of coffee beer is DEFINITELY NOT what I need now. Goodnight!!

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