Wednesday, 30 November 2005

I miss Poland for all the BEER I had there...

I miss Poland. :( :( :(

  • I miss the tasty beers that taught me to appreciate good beers, ones that don't taste like the piss we have here,
  • I miss the intoxicating vodkas that hit you so hard you'll be staring at floorboards after three shots
  • I miss the gorgeous girls that look like supermodels even without make-up
  • I miss the wonderful market squares where I could just sit down for hours, watching people and admiring the architecture of the buildings around me,
  • I miss that soury and savoury delicacy that is bigos
  • I miss the mountains I went to where the air was fresh, and there were no traffic jams,
  • I miss the little nooks and crannies that hide the coziest tea-shop I've ever been to in my life,
  • I miss the little coffee place that served the BEST coffee I'd had, and had really cute waitresses who remembered my name AND my regular order as well,
  • I miss the deep, deep history of the country, and the culture that was created from all that history,
  • I miss the busker who was at the exact same spot everyday dressed as the Statue of Liberty who raised his torch when someone gives him a coin,
  • I miss the pub I stood outside of at 7am in the morning to watch a World Cup match in 2002,
  • I miss the kebab stall that was owned by a Turkish dude who loved chatting with me about football,
  • I miss the shop where I once spent an hour talking to an old Polish guy who didn't speak English,
  • I miss the library I used to go to to borrow books to read and get free internet access,
  • I miss the funny "Shh shhs shh" language that is Polishhh, and the daily struggles trying to order breakfast in Polish,
  • I miss the ancient yet oh-so-convienient and punctual public transport system, and the rickety trams that I used to take home,
  • I miss the incredulous look my Polish friends had in the city I was in when I told them that their tallest building (24 stories high!) was only half as tall as a condominium in KL,
  • I miss Krakow for all it's tourist spots and the pigeons that mingle with the tourists,
  • I miss Gdansk for that amazing back alley where I stood for an hour listening to street musicians,
  • I miss Warsaw for its international airport that was smaller than the one we have in Kuantan,
  • I miss Wroclaw for the city that was my home for six months, and for all the friends I made there.
I wanna go back there one day, and revisit all of these. :)

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