Thursday, 10 November 2005

The Middle of the Fence is STILL a Happy Place (But it has its drawbacks)

My wisdom tooth is acting up again. Cit. Bleh. Hurry up and finish growing already. Don't make me go to the dentist again.

Another thing that is kinda pissing me off right now is how I always seem stuck in the middle of things. Yes, I know I like sitting on the fence a lot, but sometimes, even that has its drawbacks as well. As in somehow, I get told things from BOTH sides that I would PROBABLY be better off NOT knowing.

So there I am, caught in the middle of two cold-warring parties, not sure what to make of all the 'dirt' I've heard about both sides. It CAN be really quite frustrating, sometimes, ya know.

But then again, a lifetime of sitting on the fence has taught me this - if you're gonna be neutral, you gotta be neutral all the way. Sometimes it doesn't pay to take sides, so I only take sides if I'm REALLY pissed off at something, or when I really believe and feel strongly in that side's version of things.

As it is, I'm gonna continue sitting on the fence. After all, despite it's drawbacks, it is still a pretty happy place.

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