Tuesday, 22 November 2005

The S in Blue-Spandex and Red-Underwear

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This post is about this symbol:

Ok, the guy wearing that symbol anyway. The Superman Returns teaser trailer is out. Go download it HERE.

After watching it, I was in two minds. I thought it looked promising, and I can't wait to see it.
HOWEVER, between Superman Returns and X-3 (That's X-Men 3, dudes), I'm anticipating the latter more, even though initial X-Men director Bryan Singer jumped ship and went to do Superman Returns instead. No, my preference has nothingto do with the director, nor the actors, nor the movies.

I just prefer the X-Men, and also don't think very highly of Superman, that's all.

Somehow, I've never been a really big fan of Superman. Sure, he may be the original superhero and all, but I just don't like him. Maybe it's because his powers are so... ABSOLUTE, and so powerful that it's just no fun anymore. Sure, there's always Kryptonite, but it's a really crap 'weakness' if you ask me. Just wave a green stone at him and he goes weak kneed? RIGHT.

Of all the DC comics heroes, my favorite is Batman (although I really didn't think much of him until I began watching Justice League on Cartoon Network and then read the brilliant Batman: Hush graphic novels).

When I watch Justice League, I cringe everytime Superman comes on. He's annoyingly goody-goody in that cartoon, and when compared to the cynical Batman, the flirtatious Flash, the angst-filled Hawkgilr and the hard-nosed Green Lantern (Jon Stewart version), Superman's personality is just so... BLAH (Same goes for Wonder Woman, no wonder they become a couple and all).

The best Superman rendition I've read is the one in Kingdom Come, where Superman is old and has white hair, and has to be a lot tougher than usual. It helps that that story was great as well, of course.

Anyway, it IS interesting when Supes appears in those Batman comics I've been buying lately though. He is always the catalyst, the righteous foil to Batman's darker methods, and it makes for a great combination when they come together in a story.

But then, I still don't quite like Superman. I know a lot of comic fans worship him as much as I worship Eowyn the Shieldmaiden of Rohan, but then, that's you. This is me, and this is why I don't really like Superman all that much:

  1. Red underwear. On the OUTSIDE... Nuff' said
  2. Why does he have to stretch his hands out in front of him whenever he flies? In the movies, whenever he flies, I just want to laugh out loud...)
  4. Too goody-two-shoes sometimes for my liking. Makes me wanna strangle him sometimes.
  5. *puts on glasses* look, I'm Clark Kent! *takes off glasses* Look, I'm Superman! *puts on glasses* look, I'm Clark Kent! *takes off glasses* Look, I'm superman!.....
  6. THE COSTUME! GAH! Just LOOK at it!:

GAH! Who's his image consultant eh? Who designed... THAT???

Will add more when I think of more.

But anyway, being the kiasu 'must-watch-every-stupid-superhero-movie' nut that I am, you can be sure I'll still be rushing to watch this movie when it comes out next year. After all, it can't be as bad as Fantastic Four eh?

But that doesn't change the fact that I don't really think much of Supes. Superman may be super and all, but heck, gimme that wussy no-power Batman anytime. At least he is a lot more interesting to read/watch than a flying S...

Now, let the brickbats from the blue-spandex loving fans begin...

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