Friday, 25 November 2005

See you in Venus, Hippopotamus...

Yesterday, a very annoying aquaintance of mine was saying goodbye, and he used this phrase:

"Seeya later, Alligator!"

As if that was cringing enough, he had to follow it up with this:

"In a while, crocodile!"


WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? I HATE it when people use that... that... oh-so cheesy phrase. Once or twice is ok, but when you say it ALL THE TIME, I just wanna bitch-slap the person up and down and make him swear NEVER to say the words CROCODILE and ALLIGATOR EVER again.

*Breathes in, breathes out*

Anyway, I've come to realise that, snob that I a, there ARE A few phrases that I absolutely REFUSE and ABHORE using. That Crocodile/Alligator thingy being one of those.

1) Seeya later, alligator, in a while, crocodile - I think my loathe towards this phrase came about after another aquaintance of mine (not the one mentioned above, BTW) KEPT USING IT ALL THE TIME. Seriously, WHY do people USE this damn phrase? It's so... CORNY, and it's so annoyingly 'I-wanna-be-cute' that I just wanna tell the person, NO, I DON'T WANNA SEE YOU AGAIN! EVAH! Bah. Besides, I prefer hippotami. HARRRUGGH!

2) My Bad - Yes, this is a very valid phrase, used all over the world. But I. Just. Can't. Bring. Myself. To. Use. It. My... Bbb...bbb. baaa... GAH! What does it MEAN anyway? No, don't tell me what it MEANS, because I KNOW what it means. Maybe it's the odd grammar, or maybe it's just because using it seems such a LAZY way to say, 'I made a mistake', and an easy way out of apologising. Either way. I can't bring myself to say ... THAT.

Yes yes, I'm nit-picking. I'm a snob. so sue me. Some people can't stand the sound of fingernails scratching over a blackboard. I can't stand people saying "oops, my bad. seeya later, alligator!".

For now, I can only think of these two, mainly because I've been hearing these two a lot lately. GAH! If I think of more, I'll add more. For now, I think I'll go strangle that alligator-guy over there...

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