Thursday, 10 November 2005

The Unlonely Loner

This week I've been in a rather 'Loner' mood. Have not been in the mood to socialise, mingle, or even talk to anyone. (Yes, there have been a few exceptions, but that's beside the point). I've shut out a few friends, colleagues, and even my parents, the past few days.

Anyway, It's no fault of anyone that I'm in this mood. Sometimes I go into my Loner Mode because I just don't feel like being Mr Nice Guy (not that I'm Mr Nice Guy most of the time anyway), and just want to be with myself for a while.

I just don't wanna talk, ok? It's sometimes nice to be alone with your thoughts, with the iPod volume turned up to 11. I've ALWAYS been a loner, even when I was a kid. Sure, I had friends, but very few that were beyond the usual 'hi, bye, go and die' stage. And those who DO go beyond that stage, I tend to get too attached to sometimes.

but anyway, I was talking about my Loner Mode. Yup, I'm all alone right now, and quite happy. Sure, I do wish sometimes that my larling was here with me, and that my friends were around, but for the most part, I don't really mind wandering around anywhere on my own.

Some people can't do that. They can't fathom why I would want to go watch a movie alone, go sit in a coffee joint on my own, or even just go walking around on my own. They think to have fun means having fun with your friends.

Well, I beg to differ. I have fun on my own too (and don't get too dirty-minded about that statement, PLEASE). I like sitting in coffee joints alone, reading a book, or with my laptop all booted up and blogging, or just watchign people walk past. I like wandering around KL, walking around for fun. And I certainly don't mind watching movies on my own. Especially if it's the 4th viewing of Return of the King.

You see, loneliness is a state of mind. I feel lonely sometimes too, but for the most part, if I keep to myself, it's not that I'm being anti-social. It's just that I don't SEE being alone as being Anti-social in the first place.

Now, excuse me while I go buy my ONE ticket to watch Chicken Little.

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