Friday, 2 December 2005

Dancing my Three Left Feet Away

I like to watch people dance. Especially girls. ESPECIALLY girls who dance well.

By 'dance' I mean ANY form of modern dance. Salsa, tapdancing, disco... Except ballet. I've always found all that standing on toes stuff extremely painful to watch. My own toes tend to feel painful for them.

Anyway, There's always been something I've found immedietely attractive about a girl who can dance. Quite a number of my female friends can dance quite well. My larling can dance pretty well as well. I love watching her dance.... Woohoo.

When I go to clubs, I don't usually dance myself (unless I'd had enough beer), but it's fun just watchign a girl dance. Of course, there's always inadvertantly some idiot next to her TRYING to dance with her and ending up like a robot trying to molest the girl but always ending up two beats short of achieving that. Makes you wanna walk over, cosh him on the head, drag him off the dance floor, and just let the girls dance in peace.

But anyway, girls who can dance RAWK. Just don't ask ME to dance as well.

I don't do dance. If the average lousy dancer had two left feet, I'd have three, AND an extra right foot to boot. Everytime I try to swivel my hips I end up looking like a footballer warming up.

I can do the robot though. And I can do Johnny Bravo's monkey dance. That's about it.

So don't ask me to dance. I'll probably end up embaressing you or knocking you over, or worse, get coshed on the head and dragged off the dancefloor by another guy who just wants to see you move that body on your own without me blocking his view. :P

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