Monday, 19 December 2005

How to Make a Submarine: An Expert Guide

When talking to Fireangel on MSN, it's inevitable that the topic of alcoholic drinks pop up every now and then. After all, this is the chick who drinks Ribena Vodka for fun... AT HOME.

Anyway, we got to talking one day about favorite drinks, and I mentioned that one of my favorite 'mixtures' was something called a 'Submarine', which a Mexican friend of mine had taught me how to make a while back.

What I like about it is the mixture of Tequila and Beer, which makes for an interesting mix, and the fact that there's a glass floating in a glass...

Don't understand what I mean? Then check out this step-by-step guide on How To Make Your Own Submarine (Drink)...

Of course, ideally, the tequila should be a good brand that is 100% Agave extract, because those taste a whole lot better than the ones sold locally... Not that I've bought many local tequilas though. Anyone can recommend a good one?

As for the beer... anything also can lar. Carlsberg still sucks though.


Like this step needs explaining. You can choose to have it filled to the brim or just halfway, depending on how high you wanna get. Heh.

Oh BTW, and that shotglass I'm using is supposed to be some sort of 'dancing shotglass' that spins around. Quite cool, but a bit unpractical.

Anyway, here's the cool part:

Yep, that's why you should have a normal glass with a flat bottom, so that the glass covers the shotglass top nicely, with no holes to let the tequila out when:

Ideally, all the tequila should be left INSIDE the shotglass, and none should have leaked out into the glass.

Then, the final step is:

Make sure your shotglass is slightly heavier though, in case the whole shotglass overturns as you pour the beer in. My stupid dancing shotglass was a little light, so it floated around a bit, that's why it looks 'senget' in the picture.

So there you have it. An interesting concoction that makes for a pretty good conversation piece as well. As you drink the beer, the tequila shotglass will keep swirling around the glass, letting the tequila into the beer little by little. You can keep adding the beer as you drink on. The glass tinkling around as you drink makes for a nice little background sound as you drink it as well.

Best part of this? The tequila doesn't finish THAT fast, so you actually end up drinking more beer than tequila. BUT, the mixture of beer and tequila is pretty cool, and gets you sufficeintly high... high enough to have fun, but not get TOO drunk. heehee

Now, go forth and drunkify!

DISCLAIMER: The writer bears no responsibility for any drunken strip dances or anything else you may do, after you've gotten drunk on this drink...


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