Friday, 16 December 2005

International Alcohol Galore!

I promised someone once that I'd put up pictures of my meagre alcohol collection here. Seeing as she just got back, I thought this might be a good time to do it then. :)

You see, I have a little collection of alcohol and spirits, one or two from each country I've visited in the world. Big bottles, small bottles, beer... semua ada.

But since I haven't visited THAT many countries... it's not a very big collection. Anyway, here is my little collection...

Let's play a game of spot the correct liqour! There's Mexican Tequila (which I ought from a trade fair here ages ago), Japanese Sake, Taiwanese plum liqour, Polish Krupnik honey vodka, Korean Jinro, Sarawakian 'premium' Tuak, Some Thai cheap liqour, London Ale (bought from the Tower of London gift shop), and Polish Bison Vodka.

I have lots of tiny bottles too. If I can't get the big one (too expensive mar) I getthe tiny ones instead. I actually like these more... :P

The Pride of my collection - Polish vodka brought all the way back from Poland. Zubrowka is THE BEST VODKA I've ever tasted. It's pure vodka flavoured with bison grass, and goes best with Apple jucie or NEAT.

Krupnik is great as well... :)

The Zubrowka bottle even has a piece of Bison grass floating around in it.... cool eh?

Ok, that's all for now. I lazy to take out my BEER collection.... hehe...

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