Wednesday, 7 December 2005

Little things that annoy me immensely

  1. Road hogs
  2. Cigarette smoke
  3. The sound of vacuum cleaners in the morning when I'm trying to meet a deadline
  4. Extreme pessimism
  5. People taking things for granted
  6. Wusses who don't know a good thing even when she slaps them in the face
  7. People reading over my shoulder
  8. All LOUD Mobile ringtones
  9. People who SCREAM their mobile phone conversations IN AN ELAVATOR
  10. Waiters who SCREW UP MY ORDER
  11. A mosquito bussing around my ear while I'm trying to sleep
  12. Loud Ah-Beng Techno music
  13. Suicidal Kapcai riders
  14. Know-it-alls
  15. People talking during a movie
  16. Little ginger bits in my porridge
  17. Getting phone calls while I'm eating
  18. A mouse that doesn't work properly
  19. Blogspot not working properly
  20. Annoying radio DJs and advertisements
  21. Fake accents that Malaysians put on when talking to Ang Mohs

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