Monday, 12 December 2005

The Shameless but Useless Flirt

Just a couple of hours ago, someone accused me of being a shameless flirt.

A shameless flirt??!?!? ME?!?!

Ok, I kinda agree with the 'shameless' part, but FLIRT?

I'm HOPELESS at flirting, ok? I'm a CRAP flirter. Dey, I wouldn't know how to flirt with someone even if she came up to me and slapped me in the face lar (in which case I doubt I'd be able to successfully flirt with her anyway).

I wrote something about flirting once before, where I said I'm more of an accidental flirt than anything. If I try to flirt CONCIOUSLY, I stammer, and I run out of conversation topics. Most of the time when I actually DO happen to be able to strike up a proper conversation with someone, it's because we happened to have something to talk about. Like Lord of the Rings. Or fantasy books. Or movies. Or BLOGS. Hardly vintage flirting material, those.

So, why did this friend of mine (who is a girl, BTW) say I'm a flirt then? Probably because I have more female friends than male friends. Another friend of mine (yes, a girl as well) once commented, "Don't you have any male friends???" after meeting yet another female friend of mine.

Well, I do. I just don't hang out with them much, AND it just so happens that most of my REALLY good friends are female, and I hang out with them a lot, that's all. Nothing to do with me being a flirt. I just prefer their company, that's all.

Besides, it's not as if I'm desperate for some action or want the attention anyway. After all, I have my larling, whom I'm very happy with, thank you very much.

So... Shameless flirt?!?!?! ME?!?!?!


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