Tuesday, 27 December 2005

The Singaporean Swing: The Chinese New Year carol

Yesterday was Boxing Day. That's the day AFTER Christmas, to those who donno that.

Anyway, spending the day after Christmas in Singapore was pretty nice. After all, I had my larling with me, we were out shopping, and the shops we went to were playing nice Chinese New Year carols....

EH? Chinese New Year carols?



It's only been ONE day AFTER Xmas, and ALREADY you people can't WAIT to break out the Chinese New Year records?

And not even proper Chinese New Year records at that, but bloody TECHNO Chinese New Year songs. PLEASE MAKE THEM STOP! I still have nightmares of that techno-CNY-version of My Heart Will Go On back in 1998!

And while I'm on the subject of techno music, WHY does it seem as though almost EVERY clothes store I go into here play TECHNO MUSIC? It's like a whole COUNTRY of Sungai Wang Plaza stores!

And what's this in the lyrics? "Dong Dong Ciang, Selamat Hari Raya, Dong Dong Ciang"????? What the heck is THAT? Talk about semangat muhibah eh? Talk about a song that can be played for ALL festivals, eh?

Today, I shall be venturing out further into this country. Wish me luck, and I'll take some pictures of HDB flats for you.


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