Wednesday, 28 December 2005

The Singaporean Swing: The Eyeris-shaped Sardine

Yesterday, I ventured forth into the unknown country that is Singapore.

I didn't see much. Why? Because the CROWDS of PEOPLE were all in front of me, crowding me out of EVERYWHERE, SUFFOCATING me so badly that I eventually just ended up at my old haunt (Borders) where I spent half the day reading Neil Gaiman.


When I eventually tried walking over to the Kinokuniya in Ngee Ann City, it was raining outside, so I terpaksa go and shuffle along with the mindless drones in the underground passes, where the corridors were all divided into two - one going up and one going down (duh).

Feeling a bit like being part of a herd of cows, I shuffled along, stepping on some heels, ran away from donation collectors, and finally got to the place.

Being the toy freak I am, I went to Takashimaya's toy section, which I discovered had been recently turned into a madhouse. Or maybe it just seemed that way, with all the screaming kids all around, grabbing Transformers out of my grubby little hands.


Screw it all, I decided to go to Kinokuniya, where I decided to buy a Sandman comic to read.
I took it from the shelf, and looked for the cashier, and what do I see? WAHLAU, the line got at least FIFTY PEOPLE in it!


Forget it, I put the book back, and went off to the MRT where I once again was squeeze into an eyeris-shaped sardine, and got off at Raffles Place, where I finally went to the toy shop there and BOUGHT SOMETHING! WOW!

So, after FIVE HOURS of wandering around malls and getting stuck in throngs of people, what did I finally buy?

A few Lego parts and a Lego Man. All for a grand total of SGD8.60.

Today, I shall continue my free-spending activities and line up to eat some bland, overpriced Roti Canai (oh, sorry, roti PRATA).


I'm having so much fun here, can you tell?

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