Thursday, 29 December 2005

The Singaporean Swing: The Observations of Eyeris in Shoppingland

Continuing the adventures of Eyeris in Shoppingland!

It never ceases to amaze me how much girls love shopping. My larling's eyes practically LIGHT UP whenever she goes shopping, and they could outshine the sun whenever she sees the word 'SALE'.

Anyway, we were out shopping again yesterday (what else is there to do here eh? Visit HDB flats?), and everywhere we went, the shops were FILLED with people. and for every guy in the shop, there were at least TWENTY women!

They (the women) were running around, trying out clothes, rifling through the bargain bins, lining up for the cashier or the fitting rooms (with ARM-LOADS of clothes to try), and some even tried them on without even bothering to go to the fitting rooms (of course, they didn't take anything OFF lar... damn).

All the time, I was wondering:
  • What's the difference between THIS blouse and the one you just showed me?
  • Does that woman REALLY think she can fit into THAT top?
  • Yer gods, you mean girls actually BUY and WEAR these things?
  • I wonder how many of these women will actually BUY something...
  • Gee whiz, who DESIGNS these things?
  • there are so many designs in here, I wonder if there are any that NO ONE EVER BUYS (if there is, then that designer must REALLY suck)
  • You mean you spent HALF AN HOUR lining up for the fitting room, tried on those outfits for ANOTHER half an hour, and you're not buying ANY????
Anyway, I was one of those guys in those shops, and I did a little observation of the GUYS in the shop at the same time. All the guys were doing at least one of these:
  • Looking bored
  • Wandering around aimlessly
  • Following behind their girlfrind/wife like a puppy
  • Nodding and pretending to know what they are talking about when the partner asks for their opinion about whether the brown sweater looks better or the red sweater looks better
  • Carrying a bag full of purchased items
  • Carrying an arm-full of clothes that their partner wants to try on
  • Holding their hand-phone in their hands with authority, like they are conducting some important business (when they are actually calculating the cost of the stuff his partner wants to buy on the HP's calculator function.)
  • Loitering outside the fitting rooms waiting for the partner to finish trying on her 24432 outfits
  • If there is a men's section in the store, expect to see bored-looking guys rifling through the racks and looking at stuff as if they actually WANT to buy them
  • If there are seats around the shop, expect them to be full of guys holding lots of bags
  • Looking around the shop at other girls, while pretending to be interested in that pink blouse she is trying on
The girls? Most of the time they are so happy to be shopping they practically ignore the guys. Oh well. Wait till I get her into a toy shop....

BTW, don't complain there are no pictures. You want pictures of Singapore and Singaporean girls? Go to

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