Friday, 30 December 2005

The Singaporean Swing: OMG HDB OTT

When you come to Singapore, there is one building that you will always remember, and will always see wherever you go. It is an unsung symbol of Singapore, a true landmark of this tiny island nation!

Forget that tall tall hotel. Forget that one with the number 13 on it. And don't even mention that funny durian building.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the single greatest architectural achievement in Singapore.... The Amazing HDB FLAT!!!!

Look at the startlingly beauty of it! Look at the poise, the design! Not the wonderful blandness of the colour, and how the tree is so much more attractive!

Nowhere else in the world will you see a greater variety of similar looking buildings in one area!

Note the remarkable symmetry of the design. Note how each unit blends into the other to create one coherant and indistinguishable design that gives the entire building its uniformed charm.

Finally! A dash of colour! Look how amazingly straight and true these buildings are!

One great thing about the architecture here is, all the buildings are so similar, that unless you're Singaporean and have grown up among these giants buildings clones, you can even get lost looking for your block!

Notice how wonderful the skyline of Singapore is with these great buildings in the foreground. Any skyline shot of Singapore should include shots of these massive rows of architectural wonders, instead of those boring shots of those durians and tall tall buildings. THIS is the real Singapore skyline, since chances are you will probably see these more often than that durian building anyway...

See how tall they are. they may not be skyscrapers, but they are a lot better than skyscrapers. Why?

Well, which skyscraper would let you hang your wet laundry and underwear outside the window?

There you have it. the Amazing Mono-Coloured HDB flat of Singapore! comes with free underwear extensions and tiny toilets! Elevators optional, depending on which floor you live on!

Don't you wish KL had these instead of our boring semi-D houses and rows of bungalows??

Required reading: The (Un)Amazing and Utterly (Un)Incredible HDB Flat!

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