Thursday, 15 December 2005

Too Much Coffee Eyeris reads Too Much Coffee Man

The other day I was browsing through Kinokuniya's comics section when I came across this book:

I'd never heard of him before, but yes, the name 'Too Much Coffee Man' instantly caught my eye. After all, I AM the guy who thinks that there is no such thing as 'Too Much Coffee'.

So, after a few minutes of mulling, I decided to get the book. Then, that night, I read it, and was hooked.

Drawn by Shannon Wheeler, TMCM is this weird 'superhero' who has a giant coffee cup on his head, and whose only power is that he drinks too much coffee. Hence he does nothing but walk around with a coffee mug in his hand and commenting on stuff.

His 'superhero' friends include guys like Too Much Espresso Man (who walks around with a tiny espresso cup strapped on his head), Too Much German White Chocolate Woman with Almonds (don't ask), Underwater Guy (who can hold his breath underwater for long periods of time), and Mystery Girl (whom TMCM is secretly in love with)

Anyway, TMCM's Parade of Tirade was cool because it wasn't like any comic I'd read. It was very... different. And I liked it. So I went online to see if I could read more.

Happily, I found TMCM's official website, and there they were, all the TMCM strips I could read. For FREE!

Anyway, I read it from the beginning, and as I read more and more, I began to realise that the comics were so uncannily... ME.

Many of the comics reflect the way I think. Take a look at this one, for instance:

It could be worse?!?!? hey, that's MY life philosophy! It's uncanny, I tell you. It's like seeing my thoughts out in a comics strip. I showed this strip to Erna and she said I was channeling Too Much Coffee Man. She should know. I've been telling her 'Things could be worse' for ages now.

And what about this one eh?

I may complain a lot about my job sometimes, but I still love it. And this strip pretty much sums up how I deal with it and how people think of how I deal with it. hehe. Hey, feature writing is a real job also, ok?

TMCM is not in those two stiprs, BTW. Sometimes the artist just likes to draw himself in.

Anyway, I highly recommend Too Much Coffee Man to everyone. Go go go to the website now and start reading them! They're hilarious, I tell you!

Me, I'm gonna keep reading them over and over again. After all, there is no such thing as too much Too Much Coffee Man.

PS: If you want to lower your IQ afterwards, go read White Ninja - guaranteed to be so lame and stupid that it's one of the funniest things on earth.

PPS: All images taken from the Too Much Coffee Man website HERE

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