Friday, 27 January 2006

I went to Taiwan and all I got was an Absolut Yuna...

Yup, I went all the way to Taiwan, and all I bought was a Yuna soft Vinyl statue and a bottle of vodka. Not a bad haul eh?

Here's another photo of my haul:

Isn't Yuna hot? Yes, so she's an anime character, but hey, that statue of Yuna (who is the main chick from Final Fantasy X-2, BTW) is not cheap ok? But I still got it for RM100 less than what I'd have had to pay in Malaysia... BUAHAHA!

And that Absolut was from KLIA, not even bought from Taiwan. Heh. Duty free mar... could not resist shiny red bottles....

Anyway since I'd just read a book on all those Absolut ads, I figured I'd do one of my own here (never mind that Yuna looks like she's advertising an armpit deodorant instead...)

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