Thursday, 5 January 2006

I'm gonna see the wusses live!!!!

If there's one thing I wish Malaysia had more of, it's decent rock concerts. So far, I think the only decent one that's been here was Linkin Park, which was too damn short and too much Too Phat. The Alanis Morissette concert in Shah Alam I went to once now seems like an eternity ago. Oh, and that Beyond concert two years ago was rocking, but it's more Cantopop than proper rock. It DID rock though.

Anyway, all we get in KL these days are lame Hoobastank and Simple Plan concerts, and nice little indie gigs in clubs that are occasionally mistaken for Black Metal devil-worship activities. there ARE some cool gigs around, but you'd have to ask Lainie about those.

Oh well, at least there's always Singapore. Be thankful you get great concerts, you lot down there!

Anyway, that brings me to this:

I'm going to watch OASIS live!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Bloody hell, I've been LONGING to watch Oasis for AGES, especialy since they're one of my favorite bands, being one of the first bands I listened to when I started listening to modern rock.

Three years ago they were SUPPOSED to play in Singapore. I was so excited then, and had actually BOUGHT the ticket already.

Then, the first Bali bombings occured, and the bastards chickened out. The infamous Gallagher brothers chickened out of coming to SINGAPORE, a few HUNDRED MILES AWAY from Bali.

And what made it worse? A BOYBAND (I can't remember if it was Blue or Westlife) played there around the same time.

BLOODY HELL, a wussy BOYBAND dared to come to Singapore for a concert at the same time OASIS cancelled because of 'security reasons'.

So much for the tough guy image eh, Liam?

Anyway, that's not gonna stop me from going to watch it THIS time around though. I'm all set to buy the tickets, and now all I gotta decide is whether to get the SGD160 standing space ticket (which is right in front of the stage), or the SGD90 standing space on, which is BEHIND the SGD160 one.

Sigh, decisions decisions....


PS: Speaking of concerts in Singapore, I know some of you might be interested in this as well:

Mosaic Music Festival 2006 presents....
Kings of Convenience (Quiet is the New Loud)

Date: 16 Mar 06, Thu, 7.30pm
Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore
Ticket prices: SGD48 (30 for Students)

(picture of Oasis taken from via Google)

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