Wednesday, 4 January 2006

In the House of Addictive Cynicism

I'm not much of a TV-watcher, in fact, the only TV show that I've watched almost EVERY EPISODE of is South Park, and the original Transformers cartoon series.

Sure, on and off I've been somewhat addicted to the X-Files (first two seasons were great, then the conspiracies got silly), The Practice (Kellie Williams is HAWT), 24 (bloody addictive), Charmed (gotta love those chicks) and so on, but my interest in these shows only lasted one or two seasons before I got bored with it.

Recently though, I've been watching a lot of TV again, and it's not just Cartoon Network or ESPN. I've been watching a lot of all three CSIs (Sundays on AXN are a CSI feast!), Numb3rs, and even Medical Investigation (who cares that it's kinda boring. That Kellie Williams is HAWT. Wait, I've said that already.)

However, there IS one series has got me REALLY addicted - House MD.

No, it's not about real estate agents doubling as doctors. It's about a doctor called Greg House played by Hugh Laurie, who is a genius in diagnosing patients' ailments, but is also the person with the WORSE attitude, most ill-mannered and cynical doctor in the hospital.

Hugh Laurie is a GENIUS I tell you. Who could imagine that THIS silly idiot in the Black Adder shows:

could become this,

... the CYNICAL, RUDE, SARCASTIC, BOORISH yet oh-so-compelling-to-watch Doctor House?

The English actor was so silly and stupid in Black Adder (which also starred Rowan Atkinson in his BEST role EVAR, BTW. the hell with Mr. Bean), and so different from House that I didn't even realise that House was that stupid Prince Regent character in Black Adder until my brother pointed it out to me recently.

As House, he spits out insults and cynical one-liners that make you wish you'd thoght of that. The script is great, funny, and Laurie's deadpan cynicism and his facial expressions are a delight to watch.

His co-stars may be less compelling, but at least the chicks are hot. Oh Boy, that Dr. Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) is HAWT. just check her out in this Stuff magazine shoot:

(picture taken from Stuff magazine)

If ALL female doctors were as hot as this, I'd be happy to get sick more often.

Ok ok, enough drooling.

Anyway,the stories told in the episodes of the first season are also compelling to watch. Besides the usual medical cases they have to solve, it's also amusing to see House reluctantly go about his clinical duties, and his interaction with the other characters.

Yup, House is my favorite TV show for now. I just finished watching the entire first season on DVD, and now I can't WAIT for the second season to get here. Without giving anything away, let's just say I think it's gonna be VERY interesting indeed.

Now if you'll excuse me, the new season of Charmed on Astro is also showing now... Cleavages and magic! Woot!

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