Thursday, 19 January 2006

Jimmy, Stay on my World Tonight

For today's Eyeris' Music Week post, I shall talk about one of my favorite bands - Jimmy Eat World.

You see, they have a new EP out, called Stay On My Side Tonight, and I only just got a listen a few weeks back when I was in Singapore.

Now, why do I like this band? Well, not only are they the pioneers of emo rock, I like their music because of all the reasons stated in my last post - nice tunes, good clean vocals, and meaningful lyrics. Plus it helps that their songs are good for singing in the car as well.

Anyway, The EP consists of five songs - Disintegration, Over, Closer, Half-Right and a so-called 'Styrofoam Remix' of Drugs And Me, which was originally on the Futures album. Of these songs my favorites are Disintegration and Half Right.

Disintegration is another of the band's trademark super-long, more-than-seven-minutes epics, in the vein of Goodbye Sky Harbour (which clocked in at almost 15 minutes long!) and 23 (which is one of my favorite Jimmy Eat World songs EVAR).

Anyway, Disintegration has got the usual mellow and emo verses, and a catchy hook and chorus that you can't stop singing over and over again. Everytime you hear that line 'Hanging on a cigarette', you just wanna sing a long as well. It's my favorite type of Jimmy Eat World song, and definitely my favorite on this EP.

Half Right is a cover of song by Heatmiser, and although I have not heard the original before, the cover is good enough that I thought it was their own song. Sure, it tends to repeat itself over and over again (the tune I mean), but the way they sing it is just classic emo rock. And I have to say that I have never heard the word 'motherf**ker' sung so delicately and sensitively before. haha.

As for the other songs, well, Over is quite catchy, but Closer was a little to bland for my liking. HOWEVER, both songs did not really stand out for me. They can be categorised as part of another of Jimmy Eat World's typical songs - the rather unremarkable filler song that no one really remembers. The band always seems to have one or two of these fillers on their albums - songs that are just THERE, and don't really stand out or make you go WHOA I wanna hear that again! I just never expected it on an EP of only FIVE songs.

And as for the final song , the 'styrofoam remix' of Drugs and Me... lets just say I hope they don't remix any of their songs again, shall we? Unless it's an acoustic version, of course.

Anyway, if you've never heard their stuff before, I suggest you get either of these albums first - Clarity, Futures or Bleed American - and NOT this EP.

For fans like me, this EP was a welcome distraction, as it satisfies our hunger for more of their stuff while we wait for the next album.

Now, if only we could get them to come to South East Asia to perform...

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