Monday, 9 January 2006

Me and My Plan B Mags

I was going through my archives the other day, and I came across this post "Me and My Mags"that I wrote at the very beginning of this blog. That was ONE AND A HALF YEARS ago since I last wrote about the magazines I read.

Anyway, since it's been THAT long, I might as well rehash and update it a little. You see, where I used to choose my magazines mostly on how hot the cover girl is and how cheap the magazine is (in price, not content, mind you), these days, my tastes are more er... refined.

(Meaning I still like looking at girls, but I only buy those where the pictures look good. Last time everything also buy, as long as got boobs to look at. Heehee.)

Anyway, I stopped buying Empire and Q last year, mostly because these imported mags are too damn expensive for my budget. So for my movie mags, I'm still only buying Singapore's First magazine, though sometimes I'll pick up an old issue of Q or Empire in the budget bins. I still like readingthem, just can't AFFORD them.

As for men's magazines, I don't choose the mags based on the cover girls anymore. I choose the mags on how hot ALL the girls in the magazine are. :D I also haven't been buying FHM much these days, mostly because they have the tendency to over do the make-up on their models, which makes them look like a pink poodle. I DO still buy them once in a while though, mostly for the calenders, but that's about it.

Oh, as for the other men's mag NewMan I usually buy, well, I'm still buying it. Why? Because it may not have THAT many girls to ogle at, but at least it still has some interesting articles to read, instead of the umpteenth FHM article about beer in the different countries (which always features the SAME beers). Oh, and their pictures of girls DO look a bit better (READ: not so Ah-Lian-ish).

Speaking of men's magazines with good articles, there IS one Malaysian men's magazine that I've been buying regularly every months for the past five issues now - Plan B.

Surprisingly enough. Plan B hardly has any pictures of girls. In fact, the cover models are always GUYS. Nope, not a single boob to be seen. Well, not on the cover that is. Well, most of the time. Gah.

Anyway, this is one magazine that I'm obviously not buying because of the pictures. It's a pretty good read, to tell the truth, with the emphasis on good and interesting stories rather than just a testosterone-filled bikini overload.

The layout, the cover and the design of the magazine is also quite classy, and the pictures are pretty cool too, in a very 'art designer' kind of way (don't ask). Instead of cover girls, they have cover features on Tash Aw, Shebby Singh, Izham Omar (that 8TV dude) and er.. Robbie Williams. The kind of stories it features are the kind I like to read - smart, witty and not overly trashy. It's the kind of magazine I'd love to WRITE for as well. :D

Anyway, I'm not too sure how the readership for this mag is like, and how big the market for a more mature men's magazine (READ: No bikini girls) is like in Malaysia (I think their target is late 20's-30's male readers).

But this is one magazine that deserves to stick around for a while longer, because it's possibly the only magazine that can you can keep reading for a couple days longer than the average 'flip-thru-in-seconds and ogle-girls-pictures' mens magazines out there right now. Plus it costs 10 bucks, just like most magazines with lesser value anyway. So go support!

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