Monday, 16 January 2006

The Morning Glory Lives Forever, Whatever.

Some people love them, some people LOATHE them.

They've had two GREAT albums, then two CRAP ones, though with their last two records, they've managed to pull themselves up and come up with much more listenable stuff.

HOWEVER, say what you want of them, but Oasis, the band that is so 90's Britpop it hurts, is still one of my favorite bands. Now, a lot of people don't like them, I know. The Gallaghers are probably the least like characters in Britpop.

And I'm so excited about going to see them live in concert next week that I've been dusting off all my Oasis CDs and listening to them on loop.

Anyway, I first started listening to Oasis when (What's The Story) Morning Glory was released, and Don't Look Back in Anger was (and still is) one of my favorite songs EVAR. I could memorise almost the entire album, and when I got sick of that, I went and bought their debut, Definitely Maybe, and memorised half of THAT album loved THAT as well.

So it was in 1997, I was one of many who were eagerly awaiting the release of Be Here Now. And what a dissapointment THAT was. It's widely regarded as the most bloated and self-serving album that Oasis have made, and unsurprisingly, no one really lieks it all that much. Even I liked only TWO songs on that album, and the rest were pretty much crap.

Their next new album Standing on the Shoulder of Giants was another huge disappointment, and that is the only Oasis album that I really can't memorize any of the songs in it. Yeah, they were THAT unremarkable.

Between those two dissapointments, they also released The Masterplan, which to me it was one hell of a masterstroke even though it was not a new album per se, since it compiled the best of their B-Sides, many of which were MILES better than ANYTHING on Be Here Now AND Standing on the Shoulder of Giants put together.

Anyway, their subsequent album, Heathen Chemistry was much better, IMHO. Songs like Songbird and Stop Crying Your Heart Out rank among my favorite Oasis songs, and even the first single The Hindu Times, though a bit TOO er... NORMAL for my liking, was strangely addictive after a while.

I wrote about their newest album Don't Believe The Truth HERE before, so I'm not gonna say anymore, but let's just say that they've restored my belief in the band.

Now, the songs. Over here in Malaysia, most people only know the more popular Oasis songs such as Wonderwall, Don't Look Back in Anger, maybe Live Forever, and perhaps some other songs from Morning Glory.

To tel lthe truth, I hardly know anyone who listens to them anymore (so sad, no one to talk to. sigh...), and I've hardly ever heard stuff from their other albums on the radio (not that I listen to radio much ANYWAY).

Therefore, in the spirit of sharing, I present to you now, ten of the best Oasis songs you may not have heard before:

1) The Masterplan
The title track of The Masterplan B-sides compilation, this song is one of the best songs Noel Gallagher has ever written, IMHO. And he sings it himself as well!

2) Songbird
A short and light ditty from Heathen Chemistry that is one of my favorite Oasis love songs.

3) Take Me Away
An acoustic ballad only found on the No Boundaries compilation album, which was a benefit for Kosovar Refugees, and also featured other bands like Pearl Jam and . It's as touching and mellow as I've heard Liam Gallagher get.

4) Don't Go Away
One of the songs on the bloated and almost horrible Be Here Now album, this song was one of only two songs that I liked in that album (the rest were shite).

5) Rocking Chair
My second-favorite song from from The Masterplan. It's catchy, and makes you wanna sing along most of the time.

6) Stop Crying Your Heart Out
IMHO, Oasis' best 'Coldplay-like' ballad (The Gallaghers would FLIP if they saw themselves compared to Chris Martin's wusses).

7) Fade Away
This song is my favorite hard-rocking song by Oasis, and it's most memorable to me for the lyrics "While we're living, the dreams we had as children fade away..."

8) Whatever
From the Whatever EP, this song is NOT on any of the albums. Very Definitely Maybe-like tune, though it IS really catchy as well.

9) I Hope I Think I Know
The only other song from Be Here Now that I kinda like. It's also my second-favorite hard-rocking song, and is GREAT for screaming in the car.

10) Slide Away
They like to use the word 'Away' in their titles a lot, don't they? This is one of my favorite songs from Definitely Maybe, I just LOVE the style of the song, and the way Liam snarls the 'SLIDE AWAAAY' verse.

NOW, is anyone else going for the concert? :D

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