Friday, 20 January 2006

The Pointlessness of Dissing Musical Tastes

I always find it kinda pointless when people diss each other just because they don't like the music the other person listens to.

I'd read somewhere this dude who decided to diss a reviewer just because she likes Britney Spears. Ok, I really hate Britney Spears as well, but sometimes, music taste is all a matter of personal preference. Just because a reviewer doesn't agree to your personal taste doesn't mean he or she sucks. It just means that they like that particular brand of music that's all.

Sure, I turn my nose up at hip-hop, Mando- and Cantopop and the Pussycat Dolls, but then again, people also think that MY favorite bands like Oasis and Green Day are over-rated and are crap. Erna especially can't stand all the jangly emo bands I listen to in the car and would rather listen to annoying DJs than put up with Jimmy Eat World for the umpteenth time, while me, on the other hand, can't stand the Daniel Bedingfield stuff she liked a while back.

My point is, all of us like different types of music, and may hate or love different bands and singers. HOWEVER, we all have guilty pleasures too, artistes we don't want to admit listening to when actually you have that one song by the artiste on constant loop in your iPod. Because whether you like that particular singer or not, if the song is good, then it's good.

For instance, one of my worse guilty pleasures last year when it came to songs was that over-played but bloody annoyingly addictive song You're Beautiful, by James Blunt.

Yes yes, I liked that song. So sue me. It's catchy, ok? So FRIGGING WHAT if you think the song was crap and over-played? SO FRIGGING WHAT if you think it's all just commercial pap? Since when did the world's music lovers have to agree with YOUR taste?

Anyway, back to You're Beautiful. I liked it because whenever I was feeling emo or just missed my larling, I'd sing that song and somehow, even though it's a damn emo song in the first place, I'd still manage a silly smile whenever the verse, "She could see from my face that I was f**king high.." came on.

Also in the past year, despite not having a very good impression of Coldplay's X&Y album, there was one song that I always put at the top of my iPod playlist, and would sing everytime it came on - Fix You.

The video for this song was pretty crap, only featuring Chris Martin walking around, and then running when the break came on, only to come to a stage and sing in a concert. Lame lame lame.

BUT. Whenever I listened to Fix You on my iPod while I'm walking around in a mall or some place else, I always end up pretending I'm in that video, and pacing myself to the beat of the song (though I usually stop short of breaking into a run and hurtling up stairs or escalators when the break comes on). Yes, it's pretty dumb, I know, but that's the power of a good song, dude.

When a song can transport you places, fire your imagination, make you feel emotions and make memories resurface, it's a song worth listening to over and over again. To me, THAT is good music.

So frigging WHAT if they 'sold-out' or are 'commercial pap' or are just 'good marketing'? If it's a good song that I like, I'll listen to it.

Sure, you can have your technical excellence, your slick production, your super sexy album covers, your experimental and 'credible' musical styles and all your 'non sellout' music, but the HELL with all that if I don't feel anything when I'm listening to your song.

Because like it or not, my favorite songs are MY favorite songs for MY own bloody reasons, and SO WHAT if you don't like the songs I like. You go listen to YOUR music, I'll listen to mine. So there!

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