Tuesday, 24 January 2006

The Taiwan Times: Funny Fried Frog Food Fetish

You know how Malaysia's pasar malam is always filled with little food stalls selling fried this, fried that, tau foo far, lok-lok and so on? Well, Taiwan's night market in Shi Lin is also like that.

And just as any foreigner going to a pasar malam in KL would probably be amazed at the funny smells and sights there, I was quite captivated by all the different kinds of weird food on sale here as well.

So much that I spent most of my time there going around taking pictures of the food (and not TRYING them though, because I was too full.

(After all, what else does one do when your travelling companions are three girls who spend one hour going through clothes and shoes, and only covered half the length of the street in the time I used to go up and down FOUR times?)

Some of them really looked weird. And the SMELLS. GAWD. There were so many different types of smells, and some of them were so overpowering I could only wonder if this is how a Mat Salleh who smelled a durian for the first time feels.

Anyway, here's a few pictures of the food I saw in the night market. Don't ask me what they were, because all I did was take the pictures and run away when the stall owner glared at me...

The red ones are some kind of candy I think. I have no idea what the black ones are.

Fried Stuff seems to be pretty popular here, especially seafood...

These stalls remind me of all those fried fishball on stick stalls we have in OUR pasar malams...

Sausages anyone? Huge lap-ciong-like sausages on top, and some weird deep fried sausage thingy on the bottom. I wonder how they get that yellow stuff around it.

This is the noodle stall where I ate my first ever proper roadside Taiwanese meal two years ago. I was so happy to see it was still located where I remembered it was, and took a picture. It's a noodle 'mien sien' shop, and the taste was... well, interesting.

And what's this??? "Wow, Frog's Eggs?" hmmm... interesting... though it turned out to be this:

Gee, those green fruit in it DO look like frogs don't they? No, I don't know what it tastes like either. Maybe next time I'll actually TRY the damn thing and stop wondering what it is...

I also have a few more from my LAST trip two years ago, but I don't have time to go through them now. Maybe next time. Now, excuse me, I need to prepare questions for my interview...

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