Tuesday, 24 January 2006

The Taiwan Times: Greetings from Taipei!!!

Greetings from Taipei! It's bloody cold here, and I'm still feeling the after effects of too much drunken cussing last night. (Note to self: Never drink too much the night before a flight.)

I arrived here at about 9pm, had dinner, then headed out to the night market at Shi Lin, where the shops open way pass midnight!

Anyway, I'm not gonna write too much write now, cos I gotta prepare for the interview tomorrow, plus I need to sleep, especially since I had a hangover this morning.

Anyway, my hotel happens to be just next to the building that took the title of World's Tallest Building away from the Petronas Towers... the Taipei 101 Tower!

Since it's almost Chinese New Year, the Taiwanese are also getting in the mood. The 101 Tower is nicely decorated to wish everyone happy Spring Festival (They call CNY that here).

It's a nice sight, and here is a picture of it. Not too clear though, cos I could only take it from behind the window in my hotel room (yes, those are my curtains you see in the reflection).

Anyway, like I said, I also went to this night market street called Shi Ling, and it was almost as crowded as Petaling Street back before SOMEONE had the bright idea of making it more 'tourist friendly' and take away the charm of Jalan Petaling in the process.

But I digress.

Anyway, I was in Shi Lin, taking pictures of all the weird types of food they had there (More on this in the next post!) and then I came across this cool temple lit with lots of lanterns.

Nice eh?

Okok, enough for now. More adventures of Eyeris in Taiwan in the next post! Now I need to go sleep....

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