Monday, 30 January 2006

This Chinese New Year's for you, Grampa!

I have to admit, before the Chinese New Year, I was a bit apprehensive about this year's celebratiosn. You see, every year, my family goes up to Penang to spend Chinese New Year, and we did the same this year, liek all those years before.

But this year, things were slightly different.

You see, this is the first Chinese New Year my family is celebrating since my grandfather passed away last year, and though some things were the same (all the ang paus, all tons of relatives, the questions on when it's gonna be my turn to give ang paus...), some things were not.

But fortunately, my family members are a really jolly bunch, (I have 9 aunts and uncles on my mom's side of the family), and come Chinese New Year, we all congregate in one tiny apartment and just generally have a lot of fun.

This year turned out to be no different. we had a nice gathering, a big family dinner, and even had a big family gambl... er... card playing session (which we hadn't had in ages). After all, with that many relatives, you can also expect a lot of angpaus, lots of laughing, eating and a much merry merriment.

Yup, this year was a CNY that grampa would have been really happy about, since he was always one for happy and merry occasions.

Oh well, all is well in the world then. Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!!!

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