Friday, 24 February 2006

The Oasis Live Supernova Masterplan

With all the stupid cartoony stuff happening right now, I'm sometimes glad that I was out of the country, blissfully ignorant about affairs in the country...

Anyway, let us not dwell on what has been repeated over and over again, and concentrate on what's REALLY important to me on this blog...... ME!


So, Oasis concert was last night. I was feeling very down, my wisdom tooth was acting up, and I was feeling really tired from all the traveling I'd done in the past two days. No condition to be going for a rock concert, mind you.

But ooooh boy, was it a blast.

This is OASIS, so I might be a tad bias here and maybe long-winded here, since they're one of my favorite bands, AND I think I might be one of the very few in the entire stadium who knew the titles AND the lyrics to EACH AND EVERY SONG they sang.

Anyway. Well. The concert supposed to start at 8pm. Bloody hell, I go there cun-cun 8pm, not yet start. So have to stand around ALONE (because SOMEONE ditched me, ahem ahem), looking at chicks and singing to the Clash songs over the sound system.

but oh well, concert eventually started at 8:30pm. the lights went down, and the stage lights went up, and the strains of the instrumental F**king in the Bushes came on, to which the band members just sorta SWAGGERED on stage and picked up their instruments.

I swear that Liam Gallagher was probably swaggering since he was a baby. The way he just sorta strutted around the stage made him look as if he would just jump in the crowd and punch somebody at any time. Damn gangster-like I tell you.

And his TALKING? He warbled his lines so much everyone just couldn't bloody make out what the hell he was talking about 90% of the time!

Well, thank goodness his singing was still the same.

So, on to the first songs then. Turn up the Sun, followed by Lyla (which was probably one of the few songs from the new album that most of the fans knew), and then into Bring It On Down (from the Definitely Maybe album, some of the newer fans got a bit lost here...), before getting the crowd going with Morning Glory.

Judging from the response from the fans, I think most of them were there just to hear three songs...

Anyway, I'll not go thru the entire songlist. but the best part for me was the first time Liam finished HIS set, then hung his tramboline on the mike and just STALKED off the set without saying a word, leaving Noel to sing three songs on his own.

THIS was my favorite set of songs, because Noel sang songs I really really liked - The Importance of Being Idle (in which Noel's voice was sorta drowned), The Masterplan, and the rollicking Mucky Fingers.

Mucky Fingers especially was great when the drum solo in the end, while The Masterplan is simply, one of the best songs I've heard in a concert EVER. I was genuinely surprised and happy he played that song... didn't expect that at all.

Anyway, on came Liam again, and launched straight into Songbird, which was my favorite Liam song of the night.

Anyway, obviously, the loudest cheers of the night was when the following songs came on - Champagne Supernova (Noel's guitar solo ROCKED!), Wonderwall (which REALLY got everyone going), Live Forever (probably the only song from Definitely Maybe that most people knew), and the 'last song' Rock and Roll Star, which got the crowd all dancing and clamouring for more.

Thankfully, there was an encore.

Two songs from the new album later, Liam once again trundled off, leaving Noel tinkering with his guitar. A few adjustments here and there, and a slightly altered intro later, Noel began the song that got the biggest roar of the night - DON'T LOOK BACK IN ANGER.

I tell you, there's NOTHING like screaming "So, Sally can wait, she knows it's too late as she's walking on by" with a few thousand other fans. It was soooo cooool that made the final encore song (a cover of The Who's My Generation sung by the magically appearing Liam) a little anticlimatic (though it DID get everyone dancing though).

Anyway, I personally had a blast. Oasis are DEFINITELY a band that has to be seen live. Coldplay be damn, Oasis's songs may not be as stadium-sing-along friendly as Chris Martin's whining, but GODDAMN they are GREAT when listened to LIVE and REALLY REALLY LOUD.

The combo of the loud music, the swagerring, the non-chalant way the band just went about their business, the almost non-existent banter that consisted of mostly one-liners by Liam (Noel didn't say anything at all. Besides, come on lar, it's OASIS, not bloody crowd-ass-licking Westlife or some random Hongkong cantopop can't-sing-but-good-stage-banter 'performer'), AND the fact that this was the ONLY concert I'd been to (besides the Beyond concert some years back) where I could SING ALONG with EVERY song, made this a STUPENDOUSLY great experience for me.

So, thank you for lasting this long in my extremely long-winded and idol-worshipping and very much picture-less review of the Oasis concert in Singapore last night. Now let me suffer my wisdom tooth in peace.

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