Friday, 17 March 2006

The Many Faces of the Kings of Concert Ecstasy

One of the worse concerts I've ever been to was the Hoobastink thingy that I got conned into going for a of couple years back. It says a lot about how shitty a band is when even though it has lots of upbeat rock songs and a full band, they couldn't even drum up enough enthusiasm to get people dancing.

Which was why last night's Kings of Convenience concert at Singapore's Esplanade was such a remarkable experience - two guys with nothing acoustic guitars and a piano, put on a show that made every single one of us in that hall want to dance.

Hard to believe, eh?

The Kings of Convenience are not a rock band. Quiet is The new Loud, they claim, and last night, their quietness was deafening.

Everything, from the brilliant vocal harmony, the wonderful guitar play, the dreamy songs, the great acoustics of the hall, Erlend joking around and dancing, Eirik gamely taking the jibes from Erlend (and shooting some back as well), THAT oh-so-memorable song in the dark, Erlend's dancing, the anal security guard (who tried to stop people from going up the stage when Erlend invited them)... all of these made the Kings of Convenience one of the the best acts I've seen live EVER.

I'll leave the proper blog concert reviews to Strizzt and Erna (as I'm sure they'll be gushing over it, and besides, I have work to do, so I can't reveal too much here), all I can say is that if you were not a fan when you went into the hall, you'd have left the hall very much converted to the Kings.

(Update: Erna has a full concert review here: Singing softly in the dark. And so does Strizzt: I could never belong to you)

I'm sure everyone's favorite guy that night was Erlend (who says skinny geeks aren't cool?), and so, I present to you now, the many faces of Erlend!

(Update: One of my favorite shots of Erlend I took at the PC is not here. But you can see it on my friend Su-Yin's blog HERE)

Eirik's pictures were not quite as interesting, but here's a few shots of him anyway:

The pictures were taken during the press conference with the guys, where they were pretty much just like what they were on stage, laid-back, relax, and joking around a lot. They were the most down-to-earth guys I'd ever met, and after the whole thing, they were just mingling around with the rest of us, chatting and laughing.

And now, I present to you, Eirik Glambek Bøe and Erlend Øye, together as the Kings of Convenience!!!

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