Friday, 7 April 2006

The Cruelty of being Separated from Your Own Bed...

Over the past week, I'd only been home for a little over 8 hours, having been in Singapore for three days, then coming home on Sunday only to fly off to Sabah again early Monday morning.

So it was that on Wednesday, I was looking forward to coming home and going to sleep to my nice little bed, maybe play a little LEGO or blog a little on my (surprisingly reliable) Streamyx for a while.

But no, what do I do? I forget to bring my keys.

Gah. THE AGONY of being SO tantalisingly close to home, yet being separated from my lovely little bed by ONE MEASLY LITTLE LOCKED DOOR! So cruel, so cruel. Sigh.

In the end, I had to spend YET another night out of my house, and bunk on the sofa in my brother's place instead.

But fear not, for I am back home now, happily blogging on my little laptop, and looking forward to sleeping in my OWN BED for the next few nights.

But wait, what is this?

WHAT? We're going to Penang TOMORROW MORNING? Gah....

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