Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Damn the Darn Vinci Turd

The other day, someone on a mailing list I frequent was inquiring about wanting to join a book club. Among the list of books she quoted as having enjoyed was The Da Vinci Code.

Then, a few hours later, ANOTHER fella also wrote in about book clubs, wanting to join as well, and what book does he say he likes? Yup, The Da Vinci Code.

It's like people don't read anything else these days, and as though if you want to be 'known' as a 'serious reader' worthy of joining a book club, you just HAVE to have read The Da Willy Code.

Wanan know what I think? Here's what I think:

The Da Silly Code SUCKS.

I've written about the stupid obsession with the damn book in this post Everyone loves you, Danny Brown... before, so I won't repeat myself here. Heck, I even read it AND reviewed it HERE.

Lately, I'm getting a little irritated by it again, to tell the truth. It's all getting a little silly, especially with the whole hoo-ha about the damn movie coming out (which I wouldn't pay to watch, BTW. Even though Audrey Tautou looks decidedly hot in it, so much that I might just fork out some mone... NO! STOP! I can see how you're trying to con me in to paying to watch it! BEGON, Foul Beast!)

Anyway, Dan Brown is a HACK who probably wrote the damn book with the movie rights in mind. Stupid cliches, cliffhangers and predictable plot. Perfect for Hollywood. Heck, it sucks so bad that it's the only thing The Visitor and I have agreed on in ages (Ref: The Da Vinci Crap)

And let's not even mention the calls to ban the movie because of its religious themes. It's bloody FICTION, people. HERRO???? As in 'MADE UP'?????

Me thinks everyone should just GET OVER IT, The Da Fettucini Code is a bloody FICTION book for gods sake, and anyone who thinks its conspiracy theories has any semblence of truth should go shoot themselves or be doomed to spend eternity being forced to read Who Moved My Cheese over and over again until their brains melt.

And WHY THE HELL is the book STILL in the bestseller lists in Malaysia? We might as well just scrap the entire list, give The Da Spaghetti Code it's own list of one, and then have a seperate bestseller list that is "The Bestseller Lists for Books that are NOT The Da Vinci Code". Doesn't anyone buy other books ANYMORE???? GAAAAH!

Breathe in, Breathe out...

Goddammit people, it's a bloody BOOK, and not a very good one at that. It's pulp fiction for those who don't read very much in the first place. Anyone who thinks it is the best book since the Bible should bloody READ MORE BOOKS.

Damn, I'm repeating myself. All this ranting business is not good for originality. I'm blaming The Da MilliVanilli Code for this. Burn them all!!!!!!!!

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