Saturday, 1 April 2006

The Demise of the Clouded Moon

Those of you who have been following this blog should be familiar with The Visitor, the dastardly afro behind the film/horror/nonsense blog The Clouded Moon, who always argues with me about movies and what not.

Unfortunately, things have not been going too well for the dude, and shortly after posting this declaration of intent The End Of The World As We Know It in his blog recently, he has finally snapped.

Check out what he wrote in his latest post:

THATS IT.....LIFES OVER NOW.................................

and what he did to his blog HERE:


It's a sad sad day indeed, and we mourn the demise of a really enigmatic blogger with the funkiest afro in the blogosphere.

Go visit him NOW and DEMAND to know why he has given up and taken to rambling about blue moons!

If you can't read the blog properly, then your OS is probably obsolete (in which case, upgrade to Windows Vista ASAP, or go to the link in my sidebar instead).

Alternatively, just add a - .....

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