Friday, 14 April 2006

The Eyeris Limited Edition Bubur Kit Kat!

Kit Kat has always been one of my favorite chocolates. After all, who could resist the chocolate and wafer combo, and the sound of breaking the bars apart? YUM YUM!

I recently got hooked to Kit-Kat again after laying off on the chocs for a while, and I just bought a whole lot of them to add to my stash in my room. I also bought the two limited edition Kit Kats - Lemon Cheesecake (sucks) and Dark Luxury (pretty good), and I tried a Green Tea-flavoured one before as well (which was pretty good I have to say).

Kitkat (1)Kitkat (2)

But no matter how many Limited Edition flavours they come up with, the Original Kit-Kat is still the best!

But wait, did you see something weird about the above Kit Kat?

No? Look again:

Here's why it looks weird!

You see, I accidently left this particular Kit Kat in the car, which was parked under the hot sun, and all the chocolate melted. Gah.

Good thing it now has new packaging in which the Kit Kat is stuck inside a plastic wrapping, and the chocolate can't run out. If it were the previous packaging with all the foil around it, the chocolate would have been really messy.

Anyway, since the chocolate was pretty much all gooey already, I decided to do a little experiment.

So, I crushed all the remaining wafers inside the bag like this:

And this:

And then I got an X-Man to help out:

And for good measure, I drove a truck over it:

And after crushing it with my fingers a little bit more to get the tiny bits the truck may have missed, I eventually ended up with Kit Kat packet with some really mushy and gooey contents in it.

So.... after all that crushing and mashing of the wafers into little itty gooey bits, I now present to you the NEWEST addition to the Kit Kat family...


The Eyeris Special Edition Bubur KitKat!

Disappointingly, it tasted just like any other Kit Kat, except I had to use a spoon, and it wasn't crispy no more. Sigh.... All that hard work for nothing special....

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