Wednesday, 26 April 2006

My Books Books Books Books... And more Books

1 sick and bored book blogger
+ 1 HUGE pile of books that need arranging
+ 1 Camera
= A blog post about rearranging bookshelves and giving up halfway!

Like I said, I tried rearranging my books, but there were so many that I just ended up stacking them up in one side of the house instead....

Well, at least there are SOME shelves that already have books er... stacked nicely...

A close up? ok, sure. Here's some of the books I have on my shelves...

Pratchetts... Manga.... fantasy...

The more er.. literary section (Damn Brown and Pattersons aside...)

The meagre comic section.

Ooo, Childcraft!!! More on these in another post... :D :D :D

The books shown here are probably just about half of my entire library. And this bearing in mind that each shelf shown above has TWO rows of books stack on them...

On last count how many books do I have? Er... I lost count years ago... Hey, at least I'm not hoarding anymore these days, ok? :D

Damn, all that dust is making me sneeze non-stop again... ACHOOO!

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